Sunday, 1 July 2018

ZBrush Human Sculpting Practice - 2018/06/22

Unposed block out


Posed turntable

3D printout

As you can see, there was an... issue... with the print.  I didn't put enough supports on the free elbow (there were only 4) so it separated from the supports and got stuck to the build plate until it intersected with the rest of the print.

The solution involved printing a replacement arm, and then some careful work with a razor saw and emery board to match up the join.

Lessons Learned

  1. More supports during printing.  This was partly due to not realising that the model wasn't on the build plate in meshmixer (I had the built plate hidden) so automatic support generation didn't work.
  2. I'm using ZRemesher for too long.  ZRemesher is for producing the basic mesh, and then I should switch to subdividing to add more detail
  3. When posing, I should double check that a pose is possible for actual humans, not just my mannequin.  Trying to get your arm into that position is murder on your rotator cuff...

Friday, 15 June 2018

ZBrush hard surface practice - 2018/06/14

Doodling around in ZBrush while watching the pixelogic classroom videos on hard surface modelling and ended up with this vaguely Art Deco/Streamline Moderne robot

Monday, 11 June 2018

Transcription - Character bust

ZBrush practice, using a character design from a friend


ZBrush model


 Turnaround showing the polygroups

 3D print

Printed size ~12cm tall.  Main sculpt printed using SLA printer at 50 micron layer height, Stand printed using FDM printer at 100 micron layer height.

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Creature design - digital to physical

Concept doodle  (I may have been watching a lot of paleontology videos on youtube...)
Since I'd just updated to ZBrush 2018, I thought I'd use this as a test piece.

(Sculptris Pro is an awesome feature)
Next step was to add a base (for stability) and slice the model up into 4 parts - base/legs, tail, torso, and neck/head.
After hollowing and adding supports, I printed that parts and assembled them.

I glued the parts together with superglue, then filled the gaps with photocuring resin. I also had to file some parts where they didn't quite line up properly.
With a Figure-Kun mannequin to show scale

Friday, 19 January 2018

Kitbashing - the SLA way

So, this Christmas I received a 1:76 scale Airfix Cromwell tank kit - and as I put it together, I was struck by the idea of converting it to something more... unique.

And so, off to Maya I went, with a vague idea of a theme (Cleft turret) and a set of calipers to take measurements from the kit.

Basic block-out
Adding greebles & panel lines
Sliced up into parts for printing
Once I had a working model, it was time to run it through the printer
(fuzzy) phone camera photo of version 1, fresh out of post-print cleanup

Assembly took some work with a file & pin drill (clearances were a bit TOO exact), and it turned out that some parts had to be filed away to let the turret rotate.  The separate cupola was also on the fiddly side.  And so, back to Maya to adjust a few things and off to the printer again.
version 2, before post-print cleanup

Version 2 was definitely an improvement, but the panel lines on the digital model weren't visible on the printed model.  After measuring the panel lines on the airfix kit, it was back to Maya for another round of tweaks.

The turret is printed in such a way that the gun can pivot up and down

Next step - painting the whole model...

Monday, 23 November 2015