Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Transcription Proposal

After thinking about the options, I've decided to go for the "Text to Character Design for Film" route, using a creature from a series of Fantasy books by Tamora Pierce.

Referred to in the books as "Killing Devices", this extract is the first appearance.

"The long, black, curved shape that served as a head swivelled back and forth on the dull metal body without exposing a neck.  The eyes were set deep in the metal, if those dark pits were eyes.  The limbs seemed formed of large metal-coated bones - giant's bones? - and fine metal chains and rods that acted like muscles.  Pulleys served as joints.  There were three joints in each limb between the splays of knife-tipped digits on its feet and hands and the limb's connection to the body.  That gave the thing two extra elbows and two extra knees.  Its slender tail coiled and whipped, snakelike; it was tipped with a ball of spikes.  The whole construction was nearly seven feet tall."  (Pierce, 352:2001)

I chose this because I like the idea of the challenge of creating what is effectively a fantasy robot, and also rigging something that doesn't match the conventional body plan.


Pierce, T (2001)  Squire: Protector of the Small 3 Reading: Cox and Wyman Ltd.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Vehicle Modelling Tutorial Step 9

 After looking at 3-quarter views for modelling the door sills, I increased the tumblehome to make the model match better; using the bottom of the white stripe as a guideline

 Door sill, incorporating the bevelled area under the door itself

Inside of front wheel arch

Vehicle Modelling Tutorial Step 8

Underbody contoured around Muffler to prevent underside of body being visible
Inside of Rear Wheel arch showing bumper and body wrapped round to hide edge of underbody

Monday, 23 January 2012

Vehicle Modelling Tutorial Step 7

To make sure there are no gaps between the body and the inside of the wheel arch, I extruded a lip off the body part to seal the meeting

Vehicle Modelling Tutorial Step 6

Tried to include the window seal on the door

Vehicle Modelling Tutorial Step 5

Added the little lip around the hole where the roof joins the body

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Vehicle Modelling Tutorial Step 4

Extended the recessed panel through door into rear wing

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Character Modelling Tutorial Step 6

UV Maps


Character Modelling Tutorial Step 5


Combined Head and Body