Monday, 29 November 2010

Maya Space Project final renders

Followed Alan's instructions, apart from adding a camber on the road and door handles (since a street of buildings without doorhandles looked weird)

Also tried out a basic bit of texturing

and for a bit of a laugh :)

the CG artist's recurring nightmare lol


  1. well done, Mr Rolph! Done & dusted!

  2. ... I've got this reoccurring urge to give a nickname - in my head, you are 'The Professor' as in...

    There's a second year from Estonia who is often rather grumpy - he's known affectionately (by me at least) as 'The Dark Duke'...

  3. Hi Daniel

    Well done for completing your street. It was great to see you play with lighting too. And yes that is the CG artist recurring nightmare.

    It was a technically difficult 5 weeks but I hope the final image made it rewarding.