Monday, 18 April 2011

Alternative Concept Picture

Trying a different style (obviously aimed at a younger audience).  I'm not sure which I prefer - any preferences?


  1. Definitely, definitely your initial concept style, that one looked more surreal and free, like the concept would take you on a journey through the human body which makes it fun and interesting

  2. Hmmm - well, I prefer this one. I like the junking of the 'real' and the confidence of asserting this information in a 'cg' space; there is a debate, isn't there, about the 'point' of mustering all that energy to make 'cg' look like 'something else' - when a bold, graphical 'white space' approach opens things up much more in terms of design and the actual 'point' of cg - which is that it needn't exist in a recognisable space.

  3. @Phil: that was the thought that occurred to me - whenever you hear CG you automatically think of photoreal special effects and the like - and then there's the thematic tie in between pared-down visuals and clean, clear information telling, like the old 50s and 60s educational films