Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Character Design Project 6

After a little more thought, I realise my original synopsis is rubbish; instead, here is a new story.

Heroine is the daughter of a famous pirate hunter and a naiad, whose father was captured by the most notorious Pirate in the Not-Mediterranian, "Admiral" Villain.  Taking command of her father's ship, Heroine sets out to find the lair of "Admiral" Villain and free her father.

This time, the sidekick is still evil, but is "Admiral" Villain's second in command, the cowardly Captain Sidekick.

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  1. Hi Daniel,
    Regarding your story, remember that the mythic aspect implies a grand sweeping journey, so I feel you need to add a little more scope here. Perhaps the father has been killed by the pirate who know owns his soul. To "rescue" her father, the heroine must obtain certain objects, or perform certain tasks, and then defeat the evil admiral. All of which will require travelling and a great deal of danger. Think clash of the titans, sinbad, or jason and the argonauts