Saturday, 11 August 2012

APC Design 6 - New roles begin

Since part of the original idea of this APC design was that the chassis would also be used as the basis of a bunch of other vehicles, it's about time some of these other roles were considered.

First up; Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Guns

Since there's so much room in the hull, I decided to try an unmanned turret design - it has the added advantage of being a lot safer for the operators.
This one was based on WW2 heavy anti-aircraft guns like the Flak '88, along with more modern automated turrets (such as the Stryker MGS).  I like the idea, but I think the gun design needs some work.

This one was done because the gunshield on the heavy SPAAG gives it a very WW2 German flavour, and I wondered what the first one would look like with the same sort of shield.  Combined with the gunshield from the previous post, there's a definite WW2 German aesthetic developing here.

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