Friday, 28 September 2012

Warbreakers - Research 1

Although I don't plan on modelling them, I thought the first thing to do was to establish the look of the infantry on each side.  Step 1 - research the actual uniforms:
French Uniform
British Uniforms
German Uniforms
The first problem is that the French and German uniforms are pretty similar - both a blue-grey colour, both with similar webbing; while the British uniform is shades of brown.  I can see a couple of different solutions to the problem -
  1. make the game British vs German - assume that the french forces are engaged in a different section of the western front, or only act as NPCs
  2. Make the game world a bit more "alternative" and a bit less "history" - a war between two big empires in a vaguely european environment
I'm unsure whether the second option is the better one - on one hand, it would allow more freedom with the designs and setting, but on the other hand it would mean a lot more world-building, and I would be in danger of producing a valkyria chronicles rip-off

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