Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Story Ideas

some quick plot ideas for the project

  • Window cleaner up ladder cleaning window
  • Window cleaner moves on to next set of windows
  • When carrying ladder to next set of windows, steps on rollerskate and falls over
  • Grumbles and climbs ladder
  • sees reflection of fairground in window
  • crowd of kids go past bottom of ladder
  • looks back to reflection of fairground, then reflection of himself
  • him on roller coaster (maybe ladder against window in background)
  • Location - future museum; inside a history of entertainment - old fairground rides to motion simulators to VR sets
  • (old) Windowcleaner cleaning windows of building looking in at kids enjoying the more modern amusements
  • finishes outside of windows
  • goes inside as museum closes
  • starts inside of windows
  • moves on to display cases
  • when he's cleaning roller-skate case, main lights go out leaving just dim lights
  • Windowcleaner on merry-go-round alone
3.   (fastest windowcleaner in the World!!)
  • Bored looking window cleaner cleaning windows
  • Sudden Idea strikes
  • Windowcleaner skates down street dragging squeegie along whole front of building
  • Someone steps out of front door of building and gets soapy sponge in face
  • Window cleaner gets sack
  • mystery stranger talks to sacked windowcleaner
  • stranger turns out to be owner of travelling fair; offers windowcleaner job as an act
  • Windowcleaner becomes famous as "fastest window cleaner in the west"

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  1. Just looking at your plots, they seem to of covered the points I might of asked about..

    I'll either find something or will be able to help on something else >=D