Friday, 28 January 2011

Tangled (2010)

Fig. 1 Theatrical Poster
Apparently (it is anounced at both the beginning and end) this is the 50th animated feature film from Disney, and I have to say that, in my opinion, it is at least as good as any of the others.  The animation style is clean and crisp, and although it's a CG animation its visual style is very Disney - you can easily see how the film could have been made using traditional animation techniques.
There are plenty of clever jokes (a horse that seems to be channeling the spirit of Lassie and the (+10) Frying pan spring to mind), and a nicely told story.
If you do go see it, I recomend that you stay for the initial credits at least - they are done in a wonderful style heavily reminiscent of the work of Ronald Searle.

(I know this isn't really relevant for a review, but this was one of the few films where I would happily have turned round on leaving and watched the whole film all over again ^^ )

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Figure 1.   Walt Disney Animation Studios (Org) (2010) "Tangled" Theatrical Poster [Digital Image] At: (Accessed on 28/01/2011)

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  1. I'm planning to go see this on tuesday, i can't wait to see it. I definitely agree wth you here, it looks very disney!