Monday, 17 January 2011

Environment Modelling part 1

Starting with the sketch model, I began by experimenting with camera position; particularly focal length

tried out the "counterzoom" technique to see what the image looked like with greater depth of field

Liked the counterzoom, so extended it a bit further

added first painting to see how it looks

Did an occlusion pass to see how the final image would look

Added label to painting (it actually does have the details, but you can't read it at 1080p resolution ^^;), as well as tweeking the lighting

Added Parquet floor texture (really taxed photoshop making it - lots of big layers ^^;)

The walls seemed a bit "dull", so I tried adding a slight bumpmap texture to give a little visual "noise"

 Latest image


  1. Hey Dan - you may be on this already, but consider using 'picture gallery red' for your museum walls:

    colour might need tweaking, but red would respond beautifully to spots/low level lighting etc.

  2. oh - just read your previous post in which you've decided against such a rich use of colour - I think perhaps, however, it would be worth your while to have a go anyway - simply because of what it will give your image in terms of tonality.

  3. Woo, the floor looks nice, see how the specularity makes something pop and look realistic? You should try to make a bump map for the gaps between tiles, whilst it would be very fine, it will break up the specularity in an even more realistic manner helping to sell the believabilty. Keep it up!