Monday, 17 January 2011

Concept Paintings

Since I've worked out the basic layout of the final piece, I needed to decide what the details would be like.  After research, it seemed that art museums tend to fall into 3 categories, so I did a quick paint of each category

The first is the ultra-modern, with no details to distract from the art on display (good example - White Cube Gallery, London)

Second is the victorian-style, with grand rooms that are almost as much art as the exhibits.  Often stately homes, they tend to have antique wallpaper and hand-crafted carpenty etc (example - Chatsworth)

The third comes somewhere between, with white walls and careful lighting accentuating the exhibits, but still some architectural embellishments (example- National Gallery, London)

After looking at these paintings, I think I favour option 3; it doesn't have too much detail distracting from the key details.

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