Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Environment Modelling Part 2

Started by adding a wood texture to the skirting boards, as well as making a start on the doorway

Added the Lintel, as well as a bump map to the floor (made from the texture file, using the "find edges" filter on the red chanel)

Alan showed me how to use point lights properly to add light to a space, so that sorted out the problem I was having with the ceiling of the back room

Adjusted the lighting to get the effect I wanted

Added the second painting (again, the info plaque is correct ^^;)

Put in the two paintings at the back

Added a little detail to the plinth

Following Phil's suggestion, trying out a version with red walls; I think it works better so I'm sticking with it

Added a plane to make the Matte Mask (green lambert with the diffuse turned up to about 5)

Made final version with the statue placeholder removed to make the matte painting easier

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