Thursday, 13 January 2011

Thumbnails 5

After more research, the classroom idea didn't seem to offer much scope for experimentation; after all an important part of "unheimlich" is recognisability, and most classrooms look fairly similar ^^;  That narrowed it down to either the toy shop or the museum...
This idea was about giving the impression of endless shelves of sinister dolls surrounding the viewer

this one was more about the idea of the dolls being alive (which seems like a fairly popular cliche)

this is probably due to Dr Who and the weeping angels(see below); unfortunately it would mean modelling the statue which is probably out...

switching from eerie statue to eerie painting

From research and doodles, it seems that 1-point perspective works very well for horror images, and of course it helps draw the eye to the focal point

human forms shrouded in sheets and lit from behind are always pretty creepy, right?

Talking to Phil after watching The Shining, I had this idea for an extremely basic image, where the eerieness comes from the way it asks lots of questions

Basically reversing the viewpoint of the storeroom above, now just catching a glimpse of the forms through an open door.  This would also be a lot easier to model - the bit through the door can be the matte painting

moved the viewpoint to give a better view of the storeroom

going back to the weeping angel statue idea (because I think it's my favourite), but redone so it can be made using matte painting

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