Thursday, 13 January 2011

environment previs

I've decided that I'm going with the statue/museum concept (bottom on the previous post), so I did a pre-vis to help get the perspective and lighting for the concept paintings
external view
internal view

moonlight through skylights

added painting and spotlight in foreground

added lights in back room

added statue place holder

smoothed place holder

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  1. Hey Dan,

    There's the potential here, I'd suggest, for some 'intertextual' references - or 'in-jokes'. Last year, a student modelled a hotel room and 'quoted' The Shining carpet. It was a nice touch. Your resolution of painting the sculpture is an intelligent resolution - though it will be a challenge to give it the necessary three-dimensionality - especially, as it's got to be suitably distinct from the actual 2d images of the paintings on either side of it. Perhaps the paintings themselves could be visual 'quotes' exploiting the grand tradition of 'uncanny' portraits - for example, Oscar Wilde's The Portrait of Dorian Gray - if you can track it down, check out the pre-transformed painting from the original film adaptation from the 1940s. You might want to consider some of Francis Bacon's 'Pope' portraits... the point being that as this is a gallery, and as you're going to be using 2d images (I assume) for the paintings, you might be able to pay homage to the genre somehow...