Monday, 29 October 2012

Warbreakers - New direction

After talking to Alan, I tried to come up with designs that were more obviously "radio-controlled", including the idea of a "standard" reciever unit that all of the vehicles would have (larger vehicles would have more of them, to emphasise the scale)
However, Alan still thought that my ideas were to "logical" (boring) and suggested that instead of trying to design something that looked like a normal vehicle adapted to radio control, I should try for a more "cobbled-together" look.
One of the bigger challenges of this approach was coming up with a visual shorthand for "explosive" (since they don't really look like much, unless I have a sphere with a fizzing fuse and the word "bomb" on the side, which is too cartoony).  For the cruise missile, I used the idea of building the missile around a standard air-dropped bomb (rather like the fritz-X or HOBOS system).
For the ground unit, I decided to focus on the "radio-controlled bomb on tracks" idea first, since the basic idea is similar to the guided missile, except with "tank" replacing "plane".  I also played around with different types of explosive, from entire aircraft bombs to artillery shells.


  1. Better - Draw some of these up in clearer detail.

  2. FYI - It's week 6 that's roughly half way through the project. These sketches represent the culmination of the first 5 weeks. I suggest that now you have hit the right tone you need to get much busier fleshing these out. Pick up the pace.