Friday, 2 November 2012

Warbreakers - Branding and Blockouts

Following a talk with Phil, I'm trying to bring branding into all aspects of the project, so please bear with me.

The ground vehicle is now called a Panzerbombe (thanks to google translate).

I've done a rough block-out model, so that I can use the technique I tried over the summer

The guided missile is now called a Flugbombe (google translate again).

Block-out model:

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  1. Good stuff, Dan - but a few things to keep in mind - right now, you've got two different canvas sizes for your blueprint design sheets - this may just be because you're working speculatively, but you need to identify a single page-size format, and use it religiously - bring some rationalisation to your workflow. Certainly, when you ready your presentation for your interim crit, I want you to treat that as a launchpad for your game 'Grand Stratagem' - everything about your presentation for that interim moment should be 'about' your game idea and world. Think of it as a branded pitch seeking to excite... In terms of your blueprints too - perhaps you need to think of them as 'antiquated blueprints'?

    (I.e. a bit more beaten up, washed out, crinkled, stained, and more handwritten notes and typographical elements?)

    Also - I just saw this 'extruded' blueprint using a real object, and I'm wondering if you could adopt something similar to transition between the flat world and the cgi world?