Monday, 5 November 2012

Warbreakers - Detailing & Branding (cont)

Since I have a rough model, the next step is to start drawing in detail

However, this technique raises issues with the branding I've chosen for the project.  Just adding the image as a multiply layer over the blueprint texture makes for a very dark image:

Inverting the image makes for a much brighter result, but also inverts the shading, which gives a very disconcerting effect:

However, playing around with filters and such in photoshop produced a white lineart, which gives a nice clean result:

Just out of curiosity, I did a little more experimenting and combined the white linart with shading, to produce this:
Although the shaded image is cool, it doesn't really look like a blueprint anymore.  However, it has possibilities for the sort of "emerging from blueprints" effect Phil suggested.

And, to match the Panzerbombe, here are the Flugbombe images:

Since the highest-detail areas of the models are going to be the engines and radio-control gear, they get worked on seperately, starting with the Flugbombe's 3-cylinder Radial engine

I'm leaning towards Engine B, as it has the most interesting silhouette

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  1. Looking very nice, Dan - and I think those 'emergo-prints' look rather swish! Well done - very professional-looking. Good stuff :)