Monday, 5 August 2013

ATGM design project

This was a short self-challenge type project; the goal was to design a cold-war era anti-tank missile system.
Step 1 was to sort out the airframe design - some of these sketches are of actual missiles, mostly to pick out common features (fold-up or pop-out fins, various arrangements of rocket motors, stepped profiles).  In the end I settled on a design based on a WW2 german artillery rocket, albeit heavily rearranged internally to make space for things like a guidance system...
Step 2 was to work out a launch mechanism - this had to incorporate some way of stopping the fins from popping out until the missile is launched, ports for electronic connections, etc.  I settled pretty quickly on a tube based launcher, since they became pretty much standard by the second generation of ATGMs; however the unusual arrangement of the rocket motor meant that the exhaust ports weren't located at the back of the lauch tube
Having worked out the missile and launch tube, I then did some ideas for turret mounting, like those used on tank destroyers; there's also a basic one of turret on the first sketch page.

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