Tuesday, 13 August 2013


A GSPH-1 engages enemy Mecha at the battle of Behani Oasis, with supporting infantry.


When the first Mechanical Anthropomorphic Combat Apparatus (now colloquially referred to as "Mech" or "Mecha") were unveiled, they caused a dramatic change in military tactics. Far more agile than a tank, and with almost as much armour, they seemed almost unstoppable. Their agility meant that they could dodge most missile systems, and their speed meant that tanks had great difficulty in scoring hits (although carefully planned volley fire did show some success, it was hard to organise, and could usually only get one shot at a Mecha before the Mecha got too close for the tanks to effectively track it); once 1 Mecha got close enough, it could rampage through all but the most carefully planned defences in a matter of minutes.

As the technological secrets of Mecha design could not be quickly copied, the rest of the world was forced to try and develop new methods of countering this new and deadly weapon. Ironically, one of the most successful solutions was created not by cutting edge research, but rather by looking back into history to before the dawn of the guided missile. Known officially as the "Gun, Self Propelled, Heavy Mark 1", it mounted an experimental anti-aircraft gun on a chassis derived from a super-heavy self-propelled artillery system and was quickly nicknamed the "MechaJaeger"

Firing 120mm sabot rounds from 2 14-round magazines at a cyclic rate of fire of over 80 rounds per minute, it proved able to successfully engage Mecha at ranges far greater than had previously been thought possible; its devastating bursts of fire shredding Mecha in mid-stride despite their best attemps at dodging. However, it's low top speed and high fuel consumption effectively limited it to primarily defensive actions (at which it undeniably excels).

And it's finished; unusually for me I didn't try to work out the design of anything before hand, just sort of made it up as I went along.

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