Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Polar Express Musings

After what Phil said about Polar Express being full of (unintentional) zombies, I got it out the library to watch (along with the art book).  Having watched it, I'm not sure I agree with him on the zombie issue ^^;  Some of the facial models look unnatural (from the art book, I think the problem was caused by the 3D modellers sticking too closely to the character designer's drawings and not tweeking where necessary).  Intellectually, I can see why people might find it uncanny and disturbing, but I'm afraid for me it's just another entry in the list of things that don't scare me ^^;  I did quite like the carriage of abandoned toys though; the dirty toys seemed to be an interesting basis for an image.

Incidentally, I think it was probably a mistake of the director to go for the "most sinister Santa's elves in a film" award...

Amazingly, he's one of the more normal looking ones...

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