Sunday, 12 December 2010

Thumbnails 4

trying to come up with some more ideas, I remembered that dead things are generally held to be creepy (right? ^^;), and that reminded me of the biology classroom at secondary school, with its collection of pickled animals in jars.  Therefore, I came up with this
along with an alternative version
Another idea I had was to use a church, on the basis that they're a place of safety, but also offer plenty of opportunity with creepy statues and paintings and things
I also tried to combine the hollywood suburbia with the ambiguous morality pictures of the 19th century
with that in mind, I tried to create a skullish house
however, I thought the angle made it a bit unclear, so I tried a more obvious angle
however, I'm not sure if this one was a bit too obvious to ruin the effect ^^;

The other idea I wanted to explore using was Masks, which I like because 1: they're cool & 2: they give plenty of opportunity to play around with designs.  After a bit of thought, I tried to do a scene in a museum as it seemed to give plenty of opportunity for creepy details (particularly as I planned to do it at night, when most museums are closed and therefore have an air of mystery)

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