Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Thumbnails 3

this time, there's even a train of thought linking them together XD

The idea of this one was an image with a strange viewpoint - in this case one of someone lying on their back with their head tilted to one side (such as someone who's slipped and fallen/been coshed).  Unfortunately, the image itself doesn't read very well, so I obeyed film-making convention by keeping "up" up and rotating the image

This version of the image is a lot simpler, and I like the effect of the portraits on the wall looking down at the viewer (particularly if they're staring out of the gloom).

Carrying on the theme of staring portraits, I did this (quite gothic) corridor, complete with gloomy portraits and candelabra.

The notion of the viewer being stared at led to the idea of a shop window full of dolls all staring at the camera.

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