Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Thumbnails 1

some quick thumbnails based upon my early thoughts on the project brief
The first 3 are station based (top right is based on earls court tube station ^^;) while the lighthouse just sort of grew out of the port (although thinking about it now it is also related to a genuine mystery/ghost story)

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  1. Hi Daniel,
    communal environments that are suddenly deserted are a great way of creating a sense of the uncanny, from The Mary Celeste to films like 28 Days Later follow this arc. For inspiration look at some of Edward Hoppers city and landscapes, which are often devoid of human prescence and thus have a deep sense of being uncanny. Also some of Crewdsons work can fall into the same category. besides the environment itself there are several tools that can be used to highten the sense of unease, including camera angle, lighting and props/ atmospherics.
    The key is to be subtle and suggestive rather that direct Some of Crewdsons least succesful works are the ones where too much meaning or narrative is implied for example

    rather than the first three images here: