Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Character Biographies


Half-Naiad, she is a good swimmer, able to hold her breath longer than most people, but otherwise has no special abilities.  She was raised by her pirate-hunting father on board his ship owing to the death of her mother when she was young.  Consequently, she is at home on board ships, with a good sense of balance, ability to climb etc.  Is good with sword and bow, as a result of training from early age.  Outwardly confident, is somewhat shaken by the capture of her father and determined to rescue him.


Started out as a pirate when he was kidnapped as a young boy, worked his way up to pirate captain through cunning and treachery by the time he was 20.  Now commands a fleet of aprox 20 pirate ships through a mixture of fear and hostage-taking.  Now in late-middle age, only occasionally goes to sea, spending most of time in his secret stronghold.  Although he appears to be quite old and tired, is actually still very dangerous (partly as a result of his magic sword) and not to be underestimated.  Styles himself "admiral" out of vanity, has amassed a considerable fortune through the efforts of his "fleet".  Still occasionally ventures out on his "flagship", a massive quintreme rowed by slaves and captured opponents.


Thinks of himself as Villain's most "trusted" leftenant, but is in fact merely the most sycophantic of the captains in Villain's fleet.  Has a high opinion of himself, but most of his successes are due to the fear inspired by Villain's name.  Is rather cowardly, but possessed of low cunning, which has enabled him to reach position of captain.  Definitely not to be trusted, you should never turn your back on him.


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  2. Hi Daniel,
    I think your Hero and Villain archetypes are very interesting - definitely your strongest here. I think you really need to think carefully about your sidekick though. Since you have defined your villain in the Dr Claw mould (from Inspector gadget), as someone who creates elaborate plots, but who will rarely interact with the heroes, it is your "sidekick" who may be in danger of stealing the show. Villainous Sidekicks are purely henchmen - they dont have any real authority, and will tend to fail at tasks given to them by the villain, through their own stupidity, or their foibles. Remember that their function is to provide humour. I think your "sidekick" is a little too clever and powerful, as a captain. Think of Smee to Captain Hook, Iago to Jafar, or Pain and Panic to Hades. Since you have a very interesting character, you could strip him of his power, as a failed captain, a laughing stock, reduced to the role of the villains lackey or manservant. He may still be ambitious, and desperately trying to prove his worth to his master - thats where the humour can come, as he constantly fails, punished by the villain.