Monday, 17 October 2011

Character Design Project Accessories part 1

Started out by doodling ideas for the characters close-combat weapons - the heroine's is a fairly straightforward double-edged sword, while the villain's is based on a bronze-age (I think) sword I saw on a museum poster, but spikier.  The henchman's weapon was trickier - frankly, I'm not sure he's smart enough to cope with the intricacies of swordsmanship; he's more likely just to swing wildly (hence the club ideas)
Trying out putting a cloak on the villain - besides automatically making him look more evil, there's a sort pf justification, since he's meant to be quite old, and old people tend to feel colder.

The thing I'm really happy with is the weapon idea for the sidekick - a broken bit of oar, which he can use as a club.  I just like the idea that he started out as a galley slave and kept hold of the thing he knows.

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