Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Character Project Synopsis (version 3)

Okay, time to turn the "mythic" up to 11...

The most notorious pirate in the Not-Mediterranian, Admiral Villain, has captured his greatest nemesis, the legendary Pirate hunter, Captain Alexis.  Imprisoning Alexis in his hidden island lair (along with all the other pirate-hunters he's captured, Villain hopes to be able to intimidate the city states of the Not-Mediterranian into giving him the sacred treasures they hold, which will enable him to achieve apotheosis.

However, the daughter of Captain Alexis (Heroine) takes command of her fathers ship and sets out to search for Villain's lair; but in order to find it, she first needs to locate the oracle who can tell her its location.  Along the way, she encounters a variety of monsters, mythical beings, etc.

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  1. Hi Daniel,
    Yes this works very well. I can really see this working as a series. I think the fun is going to be had designing the look of what a mythic pirate may look like, so next weeks lecture on props, costumes and items may be especially useful to you.